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Feel free to contact me about any of the artwork you see on these pages. More links will be posted soon.
1522 Devers Ct.
Marina, CA 93933
Beach Life Paintings
This series of paintings and enhanced giclée all relate to my fondness for the beach and for surfing. These are available through me or by visiting any of the galleries that carry my work. Contact me for recent shows.
Digital Realms
These are a series of prints, done digitally, that relate to my interest in poetry, Zen koans, and artists ranging from Rene Magritte to Jerry Uelsmann, Albert Pinkham Ryder and Elihu Vedder (among others). As with above, you can contact me through my email or visit a gallery that has my work on show. These are limited edition prints, available signed and numbered.
Monterey Bay Photography
These are all digital photos that were taken in and around the Monterey peninsula. These are high quality, high-resolution images available as reprints.